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  What is The M Show?

john-wallMy name is John Wall and I record a 10 minute show that talks about business/news topics, a talk section of interviews or sound seeing tours, and wraps with a a Book or DVD review. Originally I recorded during an abysmally long commute in my car, now I work in the relative comfort of Studio M (relocated in 2007 to Studio N).

To learn more about me, if you are looking for public speaking on marketing, or to read about what's going on in my Marketing world, check out Ronin Marketeer.

Designed to be a welcome addition to your commute or coffee break.

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To check out The M Show click here, or search for "The M Show" in the iTunes podcast directory. Enjoy!

Where's The M Show Been?

With the successful launch of my blog I've realized it's redundant to post updates here, you can see what I'm up to, in real-time, over at Ronin Marketeer.

June 2007
Rockin' Orlando for IBM RUC 2007

May 2007
Los Angeles - Presented on New Marketing Technologies at communitelligence

April 2007
Washington DC - Presented on Podcasting at NTEN

February 2007
MIT Brave New Web
Podcamp Toronto
(Video Here)

December 2006
Search Engine Strategies Chicago

November 2006
Podcamp Pittsburgh
With Dr. Tiki and Johnny Johnny of Tiki Bar TV. Anytime anything cool has happened with the M Show I fear that it may never get any better. Then I get a picture like this one (I got to meet La La too).


October 2006
Blogtoberfest Boston

With Jenny from All Eyes on Jenny

September 2006
The Second Annual Podcast Expo

August 2006
Attending and Presenting at PodCamp
Covering for Neville Hobson with Host Shel Holtz on the PR industry's number one podcast: For Immediate Release
Featured on the iTunes Business Page!

July 2006
The M Show reaches a new low in production values while on vacation for CaveCast 2

June 2006
Covered by The Boston Globe

Gnomedex 2006 with Greg Gallant of the Venture Voice Podcast, Rob Walch from Podcast 411, and Ron Ploof of Griddlecakes Radio

May 2006
Photo as part of upcoming Boston Globe story with (L to R):
Clinton of Comedy4Cast, C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash, Erin and Kristin of the Manic Mommies

And the Nantucket Conference - Lots of VC and tech

March 2006
At the Harvard Club with C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash, and Joseph Jaffe of Across the Sound

February 2006
Interview with appellate and intellectual property lawyer Denise Howell

I inadvertantly learn the power of mentioning the Ricky Gervais Show in my Podcast and using his name in the title

January 2006
Podcasting makes Yahoo's Year in Review - and my picture is before Martha Stewart's! See the exhibit (or a local screenshot)

Selected to co-Host on Joseph Jaffe's Across the Sound (Episode 16)

December 2005
A positive review from the Bostonist

November 2005
The M Show shows up on Podshow?
Interview with Bazooka Joe at the small WORLD podcast
Meeting Leo Laporte (from This Week in Tech) at the Portable Media Expo

October 2005
Interviews with Scott Kirsner columnist for The Boston Globe, New York Times, Fast Company and Wired
(Shows)(Scott's Blog)

September 2005
John gets to hi-five Boston's Mayor, Thomas Menino at the Race for the Cure (show)

August 2005
The M Show is Ranked #1 in business and #5 Overall on PodcastAlley (even beating Dawn and Drew!)
John (and Carin) send U.S. Candy to The Richard Vobes Radio Show (Episode 202)

July 2005
The M Show completes the entire month as the #3 Business podcast on the Alley
The M Show on TV! - Good Morning Live from New England Cable News (NECN)
Article in The Berkshire Eagle
Article in The Boston Herald
Article on KING 5 Seattle
In Bhopal, India's Central Chronicle

In The Standard, China's Business Newspaper
The M Show ranked #1 in Business on Podcast Alley, top 100 podcast

June 2005
The M Show profiled on Podcast 411! (Site) (Mp3 of interview)

May 2005
Adam Curry Selects M Show episode 22 to be included in the Sirius Satellite Radio Feed
Boston Podcaster C.C. Chapman is profiled on ABC 5 in Boston
Check out the video!

April 2005
The M Show featured on CBS 4 Boston!

Check out the video!

March 2005
This M Show breaks into the #3 slot for Business podcasts
Please go over to PodcastAlley and give us a vote:

M Show Ranked #3!

Where's The M Show Going?

<-- Same deal as that column. See what I'm up to, in real-time, over at Ronin Marketeer.

July 2007
Vacation, all I ever wanted...

August 2007
On the fence for Gnomedex

September 2007
Also on the fence for the PME

October 2007
PodcampBoston 2

And I'm usually at the New England Podcasters meeting the second Wednesday of every month.

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