Are You Into Book Marketing or Music?

Are You Into Book Marketing or Music?

Hey, this is not an official Marketing Over Coffee Newsletter but since this platform makes it easy for me to keep in touch I wanted to invite you to a few things going on this week:

Book Marketing (Thurs. 1pm ET)

Chris and I will be doing a livestream today at 1pm Eastern (GMT-4) talking about how to market a book. If you've ever had to, want to, or are going to, come check it out: Livestream on YouTube

Don't worry if you can't make it, it will run as the Marketing Over Coffee episode for next week.

Yacht Rock (Fri. 4pm ET)

If you're familiar with the smooth sailing groove of Yacht Rock (The West Coast sound of the 70's and 80's), or the fact that if you start playing 1 Degree of Separation with the band members of TOTO you cover Michael Jackson's Thriller, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and hit after hit.

I'll be spinning tunes with Tom Webster and he'll be able to provide the backstory this Friday at 4pm Eastern on Amazon AMP. This link will prompt you to download the AMP app (sorry, iOS only) and then you'll be able to access the show.

Note that AMP works best with wired headphones, audio quality via bluetooth is ok but plugging in is significantly better. And if Yacht Rock is not your thing...

Nicki Minaj (Thurs. 10pm ET)

The Queen Radio program is live on AMP this week and she will be taking callers so if you or someone you know is a superfan this is an incredible opportunity. Technically AMP is still in beta so there are not a ton of active users, you've got a real chance at talking with her.

Thanks to our sponsor Superside - if you need graphic design check them out at  <– Give it a click!!

That's it for this week, I hope your summer is going well!