JW's Lever Resources - Getting Traction for Your Business

JW's Lever Resources - Getting Traction for Your Business
Traction Diagram

Around once a quarter I talk with companies working with our local incubator, Lever. I really enjoy getting a chance to talk with entrepreneurs about how to get started with product marketing and getting the word out.

There are some legendary books that have shaped my thoughts on this, first and foremost is Traction (podcast w Gabriel) Note: For all these books I'm including a link to the podcast so you can hear from the authors themselves.) Over the years we've made some tweaks to the traction model and you can get a PDF of the Trust Insights Traction Diagram here.

A good companion to Traction is Bullseye Marketing (and podcast with Louis) which provides additional help in selecting what marketing tactics to use. When it comes to pitching your ideas Pitch Anything (podcast with Oren, who's fantastic to listen to) will change the way you think about selling. A final plug for Pragmatic Marketing which is a fantastic framework for thinking about how to evolve your product.

This month I'm traveling during the regular session so we're pre-recording. For the entrepreneurs who watched the session feel free to grab a slot on my calendar if you'd like to talk more.