Rest and Constant Change

Rest and Constant Change

Welcome to the second newsletter on the new platform! As part of the transition there were some email addresses that our verifier tagged as "Catch All" and these missed the last issue (sorry Mike!) The verifier didn't like these as they accept all mail, but I had a few of my own aliases in there so I've uploaded the ones that I know are legit fans (welcome back!)

Even though I didn't get Covid like others in my house, I have had nagging sinus trouble so rest has been big for me this month, lots of sleeping on the weekend.

On the other hand, that doesn't stop the change. Along with the newsletter update I've added a RodecasterPro2 to my audio workflow and I've been very happy with the sound coming out of it. It's been a great month including having Seth Godin back, so here's the links!

As usual, thanks to LinkedIn for their support of the show, feel free to grab your $100 ad credit and if you need design work done quickly and easily check out Superside.

Fingers crossed, fall events are coming together so hopefully we'll have a chance to catch up IRL soon! - JW

Seth Godin on The Carbon Almanac

I have to say that I had some fear before reading The Carbon Almanac. Seth has been kind enough to join us on the show many times to give his insight on marketing and making change in the world. In the little free time I have as a parent working at an up and coming company, spending a few hours reading about impending doom meets the same resistance I feel when I've skipped too many workouts.

The important thing about this book is that you can understand what's going on, and by spreading that knowledge you will feel better knowing you are at least trying something. Please take a few minutes to check out his latest project.

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Our Greatest Hits List Has Been Updated!

Check to see if there's any you missed, and of course what a great link to pass on to your friends and family! If you have a favorite interview that's not on the list be sure to give me a yell @johnjwall.

Social Media as Customer Service Tool

Congrats to our friend Brook Sellas whose new book, "Conversations That Connect" is now available! We'll have the interview live this week with some great tips on effectively managing social for both sales and marketing.

Escape Rooms and Yacht Rock

For fun this month there are two things I've been working. One is the interview with Jonathan Murrell who created a $2M candy business while working on his Undergraduate Degree and playing College Tennis. He left that all behind to create an Escape Room Company. What happened when the pandemic hit? Did they survive? Have they added new lines of business that are still running? Of course they have, these tales of perseverance and adventure are why you're here! Check out the interview!

Jonathan Murrell Interview

Sneak Peek: The other thing is just coming together, a project on Yacht Rock on Amazon's AMP. This is the first I've said anything about it in public and I'm looking forward to it being out in less than a month. Here's to smooth sailing around the pool, coming soon.

Thanks for listening!