Talking Sales, Equity, and Meta (FB, Instagram, Etc.)

Talking Sales, Equity, and Meta (FB, Instagram, Etc.)

Ok, Memorial Day is here, whether I'm ready for it or not! My grill is working so I guess that's ready enough.

A few quick things before the long weekend:

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Some great interviews this quarter, more info below.

Why are so many organizations bad at sales? Why is some of the best sales advice counterintuitive? I'll be on the Trust Insights Livestream today at 1pm Eastern talking with Katie Robbert about SALES. It's free on YouTube and even if you can't make it to heckle this link will go to the recording after the session.

Becoming More Equitable and Successful

Diversity and inclusion get all the press, but equity is a bit more difficult to get right. Talking with Minal Bopaiah opened my eyes to why equity and equality are different sides to the same coin, and how they are both linked to justice. Check out the interview here!

Talking with Facebook Queen Mari Smith

She's been "The Queen of Facebook" long before we started calling it Meta and things got crazier with both Instagram and Threads. If you work these platforms this is a must listen.

Music and Video

Ok, I am scrambling to get this out the door so you have enough notice to come talk sales with us at 1pm, but I didn't want to forget the standard reccos!

SciFi fans rejoice with new Star Trek Discovery and Doctor Who. My family enjoyed X-Men '97

On the music front I discovered the Spotify Equilizer and now I can't find a reason to listen to music on anything else? Audiophiles feel free to start yelling at me now...

Thanks for listening and enjoy your long weekend!