Use AI to Become A Better Marketer

Use AI to Become A Better Marketer

I know, you're probably tired of reading all the AI hype. What if there was an easy way for you to learn the 6 ways to apply AI to your marketing campaigns, and the rest of your work?

That's what Chris has done, he's taken his AI work from the past 5 years and put together a course that walks you through everything you need to be able to use AI for:

  • Generating content
  • Summarizing large amounts of text or other data
  • Extracting information from huge data sets
  • and more

If you're tired of the hype and want hands on examples of how to put ChatGPT, Claude, Bard and Bing to work for you, check out the free preview.

And you can use code MOC to save $50

We're really excited that this course is finally out so you can put everything we've been talking about to work! Oh, and you'll get access to the private Slack group for the course to talk more with us about what you've learned. I hope to see you there!